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Lizard in phone


Lizard in phone is a great app when you want to scare friends! If someone from your friends is afraid of reptiles and lizards - use this app to do a horrible joke! This app will show lizards on phone screen. They will walk from one side of the screen to another. They are appearing randomly and suddenly. When someone will be holding your phone he will be terrified when he will see awful lizards on the phone! Lizard in phone is a realistic simulation of scary lizards on the top of the phone screen! This funny app displays very realistic animation of awful and scary reptiles. Lizards will appear on the screen, walking from one side of the screen to the other one. Meanwhile your friend can normally use the phone. Lizard will appear unexpectedly! It can scare your friends!
You can easily remove animals from the screen by clicking on notification alert.
This scary application is displayed on the transparent background and over all system applications. That's why you see insects all the time, no matter what you are doing on your phone.
Main advantages of lizards in phone: - Very realistic animation of reptiles - You can set time delay when lizards appear on the screen - To remove insects click the notification alert - User can work on the phone while lizards are walking in your phone!